White Pepper


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White pepper is a by-product of Black pepper. As pepper is black in colour in original form, white pepper is produced by removing the outer coat of the pepper seed. This has a mild and less complex taste than black pepper. This is mainly produced in Sri Lanka for export purposes and used to elevate the taste of salads, curries etc. The traditional medicine system of Sri Lanka believes that White pepper plays a vital role as a beauty agent, by acting as a good source to revitalize hair, treat dandruff, and also as a scrub to keep the skin soft and glowing. It is also a source rich in minerals and antioxidants which may benefit in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. It may also be used to cure headaches, treat coughs and tooth ache.


  • 100% Handpicked White pepper

Product of Sri Lanka

***If you are currently under any health conditions, please speak to your nutritionist or a doctor before using any herbal product.

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White Pepper

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