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Cloves hold a rich history from ancient Sri Lanka. It is said that Clove cultivation was also one of the reasons to invade Sri Lanka by foreign conquers. Cloves are the flower buds of Clove tree and are available in both ground and whole form. These are grown in the dry zone and are considered as one of the most demanded spices among the foreign communities. This holds a unique aroma and this is mainly used to combine its very own fragrance to the local dishes. The indigenous medicine system of Sri Lanka and in the Ayurveda believes that cloves add a burst of flavour to cuisines while aiding the digestive process of the body. It also may possess antibacterial properties which in turn are highly effective in killing strains of bacteria, while protecting the liver, regulating blood sugar and enhancing the immune system of the human body.


  • 100% Handpicked Cloves

Product of Sri Lanka

***If you are currently under any health conditions, please speak to your nutritionist or a doctor before using any herbal product.

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