Black Seeds


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Black seeds are extracted from the Nigella Sativa plant, which is highly available in Southwest Asian countries. Black seeds can be consumed raw or in lightly roasted nature. This added to curries, oatmeal, used as a breakfast snack with honey etc. Ayurveda medicine says that Black seeds are rich in fibre and may aid digestion curing digestive tract conditions such as gastritis, constipation, haemorrhoids. Also, it is used to treat respiratory diseases such as flu, cough, bronchitis, allergies etc. According to the Ayurveda medicine Black Seeds could also act as a tonic for the hair and improve skin tone and complexion because of the Vitamin B and antioxidant properties in the seeds. Many studies found that black seeds help in the control of asthma symptoms and reduction of risks of cardiovascular diseases



  • 100% Handpicked Black Seeds

Product of Sri Lanka

***If you are currently under any health conditions, please speak to your nutritionist or a doctor before using any herbal product.

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Black Seeds

Black Seeds

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