Ayurvedic Curry Powder


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Ayurvedic Curry Powder is a natural detoxifier introduced ideally by Nivartana. This is a herbal mix of spices and greenery condiments to give an extra herbal lush to your curry. This is specially made for an ancient local recipe by utilising organic and 100% natural ingredients. Further, the nourishing and refreshing nature of the curry powder may benefits the overall bodily health of consumers. It may act as an agent to balance the bad cholesterol levels, and as a booster of overall immunity. Let’s name it as a Dosha balancer! These detoxifying natural curry powers were used in the ancient south Asia in the flu season most commonly due to it’s powder ingredients, because in the traditional Asian medicine systems they believed that cleansing is the key of boosting the healthy of our body machines


  • 100% Handpicked coriander ,fennel , cumin ,fenugreek ,cardamom ,cinnamon ,cloves, curry leaves and black seeds

Product of Sri Lanka


***If you are currently under any health conditions, please speak to your nutritionist or a doctor before using any herbal product.


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Ayurvedic Curry Powder