Our Artistic Craftswoman


Mangalathilaka Kumarahami Dissanayake is an artistic craftswoman of 55 years that has showed prodigious ability since her childhood for artisanship. One of Manga’s most impressive achievements has been making beautiful accessories, artistic ornaments and handicraft items with the use of natural materials. She resides in Kiribathgoda with her family whom she treats as the biggest strength in running the business. The inception of the business was propelled with the appreciation and admiration received from her friends for her handicraft gifts that made her realize the potential of the endeavor. Manga’s work is characterized by the sensitivity to the environment or nature. The products she manufactures are in instinctively sustainable and environmentally friendly, since she uses all natural materials with the aspiration of protecting the environment. She seeks to provide support for other small enterprises in her field. Her valuable message is for all individuals to stand together in taking the responsibility of protecting the environment. She strongly believes that “Nivartana” the online store has supported her to break the barriers between inside and outside of running the small business, especially in terms of gaining a higher return and in committing to sustain responsible entrepreneurship.

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