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Black pepper is a seasoning condiment, tastemaker and one of the most selling spices in the world. This belongs to the Piperaceae spice family and is usually cultivated as a home-grown plant in Sri Lankan households. Black pepper is usually dried and used in both powdered / Original form. Black pepper has a special place among the locals as a must additive to the Ceylon dishes from historic era. The main benefit of adding black pepper to the platter is to balance the fat intake with each meal, as a defence mechanism to avoid digestive issues and stomach aches. Its goodness runs deeper into its nutritional value. The Indigenous medicine system of Sri Lanka at many instances have identified Black Pepper as a good source of nutrients, a source rich in antioxidants and a source which assists in the improvement of brain health. It was also identified that the anti-inflammatory properties found in black pepper may have the ability to contribute towards the betterment of human health. The native medicinal practice of Sri Lanka also identifies Black Pepper as an agent to reduce lower bad cholesterol thereby reducing the risks of heart diseases. Other than adding flavour to the dishes, the above proves that black pepper comes with surprise benefits to our health.


  • 100% Handpicked black pepper

Sourced and Packed in Sri lanka.

***If you are currently under any health conditions, please speak to your nutritionist or a doctor before using any herbal product.

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Black Pepper

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