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About Us

Resplendent Land of Ceylon

The Company

From the Resplendent Land of Ceylon, an enchanting island located in the Indian Ocean comes the authentic condiments to give that instant tang to your meals and the legacy of handcrafts made with moulding love, care, traditions and culture. Nivartana is a combination of authentic Ceylon herbs ,spices, teas , superfoods and carefully designed handcrafts to transform everyday wants to homely essentials. We at Nivartana pursue to cater the best spices and a related product range to satisfy your Ceylonese cravings. The handcraft range is inclusive with kitchenware and ornaments made with eco – friendly products to ensure the sustainable footage at “Nivartana”. Nivartana is enriched with a local supplier base authentic from Sri Lanka. This has created a platform of supporting aid for the locals who lost their jobs to rise through the ashes of global pandemic. They are provided with the opportunity to sell and promote their products within the platform and we at Nivartana make the fullest effort to make the production process sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly by setting an equal weightage to each element in the companies triple bottom line.

Our Mission

We ensure to sustain uniqueness in our products through its design, manufacturing, packaging and delivery service to our clients. We promise to guarantee a premium quality and the highest hygiene in our range of products.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most authentic, trusted, premium Sri Lankan brand that commits to deliver the best products to our clients. All of our products ensure to represent the diverse culture of Sri Lanka through its taste, design and service.

Founder’s Personal Profile

I was born in 1997 in Sri Lanka. I moved to Italy at the age of 16 and to Germany at the age of 19. My further studies in Tourism and Sales Management inspired me to serve the community to make this world a better place for all of us. I always tried to oversee the Covid pandemic situation and it’s consequences to our lives. It has drained us physically and emotionally to a point which makes us question about, do we actually give enough attention to our emotional and physical wellbeing . This whole tragedy made me go over in the memory to how Eco-friendly, healthy and physically fit our older generations were. The herbal constituents in their routine meals, utilisation of eco-friendly products and the emotional attachments with nature are the propels behind their wellbeing. Our generation has forgotten that nature makes us complete personage. Me as a young entrepreneur thought to initiate “Nivartana”, a combination of herbal food, precious trinkets and handcrafts which sets a sustainable touchstone in my life. Also, fostering Ceylon culture and traditions in an online platform by combining most authentic Ceylonese products is another vision which is transformed to a reality with the inception of “Nivartana”. I highly believe that if you want to change the world, the transpose should begin with you, and Nivartana is my outset which I place in your hands

Lakshani Perera