All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them

Sanjaya Kumara is the perfect testament for an individual who followed his dreams amidst all the obstacles he had to face in life. He is 29 years of age with a vision to make a difference in his life as well as the world. Back in the days, he always had a dream to start his own business and to be an entrepreneur. But this wasn’t an easy task. Every day for the past few years he failed. But he never gave up on his dreams. Whenever he failed, he dreamed of being an entrepreneur and the freedom of riches. He dreamed of the empire he would build and how one day he would change the world. This mindset led him to finally start his own business and follow the path towards achieving his dreams. Serendib Handcrafts is a business selling handmade handcrafts kitchen utensils where each piece being produced is unique in every aspect. Sanjaya himself is an individual with an endless desire to know and desire to learn mixed with the curiosity and passion to learn new things. Before starting his own business he observed several scenarios in his day to day life such as, the fact that there are many unusable coconut trees and Kithul trees as well as unusable wood thrown out by carpenters every day. With great curiosity and willingness to know more about this subject area he started experimenting and finding new information via Youtube and Facebook videos. After days of discovering and finding the information he needs, he finally took the first step towards building his dream. He created a unique brand name which touches the deep roots of the Sri Lankan Handicraft industry. The perseverance, the unbelievable display of creativity, inventive capacity and discipline of the heavenly hands of Sanjaya Kumara led him to produce handmade kitchware items today which are made out of pure local materials.

Nivartana, played an important role in his journey of becoming an entrepreneur. It has helped him present a wide range of his own creations to the international space which would suit different nationalities that live across the world and for those who admire local handicrafts. Today he stands with a vision in his mind to create a fabulous market place to purchase any handicraft kitchenware utensil whether in the local or international space and to create a new fashion trend among citizens to use handmade items.

His advice to the future generation is to always protect the environment. He further states to make use of the broken damaged trees without letting it burn away as there are various advantages a human could gain from it. Just like he did.

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